College campuses have high numbers of young, active people in a concentrated area. Dero ZAP offers an engaging active transportation programming tool that reduces congestion while promoting sustainability. Our web app lets you see your impact right on your dashboard.

SPOTLIGHT: University of Minnesota

"Dero ZAP allows us to reward people for making the smart choice to start riding a bicycle, and for those who already bike, we’re able to incentivize them to bike more often."

Why did you choose Dero ZAP?

There's no other bike trip logging system that had the attributes we were looking for. Dero ZAP offers the entire package: automatic trip logging, ease of use for participants, and clean admin functions, including powerful reporting functions that allow us to analyze data generated by participants' trips. In addition, it’s a reliable way to deliver health care benefits and includes a platform that allows us to build on the social aspects of bicycling, including friendly team and individual competitions, and the opportunities for local businesses to get involved through event sponsorship.

What was your experience implementing the program and getting people to participate like?

We expected 350-500 participants the first year of the program. When 1,700 people joined that first year we knew that we had struck a chord and that people were hungry for being rewarded for making the positive choice to ride their bikes. Each subsequent year has seen double-digit growth. 34% of all bikes traveling to and around campus are currently equipped with Dero ZAP tags, with a user rate of 80%.

What have your results been since implementing the program?

Since the program's inception in 2012 we've seen increased bicycle mode share and a deepened cycling culture. We’ve also been extremely pleased by how many women are actively participating – over 40% of participants are women.

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Update: The University is now able to offer health insurance discounts to faculty and staff.

The University of Minnesota is a Platinum-level Bicycle Friendly University℠. Learn more about this League of American Bicyclists recognition program.

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