Dero ZAP is an automated commuter tracking system, which utilizes RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. It automates your commuter wellness program, so individuals only have to bike or walk to be counted. Scroll below to see how Dero ZAP helps you manage and grow your program.

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Just bike or walk and be counted.


Program administrators can see all the most important stats right on their dashboard. Standard reports include the number of trips recorded as well as the program's positive effects on health and the environment. Other customized reports may also be generated here.


The commuter interface includes a calendar marking each day the individual was counted and running totals by various time periods. Administrators may also add customized content to the commuter dashboard, such as announcements or other information about their program.

Added benefit: Since each bike has a unique Dero ZAP tag number, local law enforcement may contact administrators to reunite owners with recovered bikes.
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