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Making a difference...

1,002,234 Rides Counted

  • 6,004,246 Lbs C02 Reduced
  • 268,643,572 Calories Burned
  • 8,665,922 Miles Biked
  • 309,497 Gallons Gas Saved

ZAP Twin Cities is a FREE bicycle commuting program for anyone who wants to save money, improve their health, and doesn't mind winning great prizes. If you've never biked to work or school before, ZAP rewards you for giving it a try. If you bike commute already, ZAP makes tracking and earning rewards effortless. No logging in to enter trip information manually.

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Why Participate?

ZAP Twin Cities' goal is simple: More bike trips more often. This program is a cooperative project of Commuter Connection, St. Paul Smart Trips, the University of Minnesota and Dero Bike Rack Company.

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