Your easy, automatic bike commuting system.

Dero ZAP is an automated hardware and software solution that gives you the most reliable way to manage and grow your bike commuting program.

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A modest amount of exercise every day helps prevent painful and expensive medical problems. Keep your employees fit and productive while lowering overall health care costs.

Dero ZAP automates the management of your bike commuting program. No more manual entry of commutes; all the data you need is available online or as an easy download.

Dero ZAP encourages people to bike more and stick with it. Since it’s automatic, participants don’t have to do anything but bike to receive wellness points, prizes or discounts. See more bike commuters than ever!


Many companies today have sustainability programs in place. ZAP provides an inexpensive way to demonstrate a company's commitment to this forward thinking and encourage a healthy lifestyle for its employees.

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Retailers may wish to offer incentives to customers who bike to their store instead of drive. Data from the ZAP system can be integrated into the store's point of sale system to reward customers who bike and make a purchase at the store.

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Many local governments face growing problems with traffic congestion and air quality. Encouraging people to use bikes as transportation improves the ability of citizens to get around, particularly in highly populated areas.

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With a young, active population that often doesn't own cars, and with most campuses already restricting car parking, campuses are a natural fit for bicycle transportation.

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