Local governments and city planners face growing problems with traffic congestion and air quality. Promoting active transportation improves citizens’ mobility, health and happiness. Dero ZAP allows administrators to measure biking and walking volume and track popular commuting routes, paving the way for better infrastructure.


"Dero ZAP’s metrics provide quantifiable data to support health and wellness programs along with sustainability initiatives."

Why did you choose Dero ZAP?

We found it an innovative program, and it gave us a bike transportation metric with which we could calculate our traffic mitigation and air quality results. Dero ZAP also gave us the potential to offer health and wellness programs to businesses downtown, for minimal investments.

What has been your favorite part of using ZAP?

My favorite part is watching the membership increase organically. The word is getting out to people, the rewards are getting out to people, and people are excited about the program.

What is/are your favorite program feature(s)?

One of our favorite features is being able to offer incentives. I like the competition, and competition drives participation. Some of our ZAPers really get excited about being the top rider for each week or each month. We’ve seen the same thing with businesses too.

ZAP Twin Cities participants can get counted at any of the approximately 40 stations located around Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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